Current Session Info

2016/2017 Travel Program 2003-2004 Boys

2016/2017 Travel Program 2005-2006 Girls

2016/2017: 2011-2012 Training Program Co-Ed

2016/2017: Travel Program 1998/1999 Boys

2016/2017: Travel Program 1998/1999/2000 Girls

2016/2017: Travel Program 2000-2002 Boys

2016/2017: Travel Program 2001-2002 Girls

2016/2017: Travel Program 2003-2004 Girls

2016/2017: Travel Program 2005-2006 Boys

2016/2017: Travel Program 2007-2008 Boys

2016/2017: Travel Program 2007-2008 Girls

2016/2017: Travel Program 2009-2010 Boys

2016/2017: Travel Program 2009-2010 Girls

2017 Guest Player Registration

BlackWatch Trials-Tryouts 2017

Black Watch Premier has revised its annual tryouts to a more professional and authentic training environment, one that is consistent with many professional youth academies across the globe. Our tryouts will now be called "trials" and this "trial window" is exactly that.

Trialists are welcome as a "trial member" and experience the Club's offerings through our team experience. At BWP, our teams train and compete throughout the summer in many age groups, so this trial window gives potential new members the opportunity to come into training and experience the training that is preparing the team for the upcoming competitive match.

Trials will be between June 20th - June 29th
Please refer to our website for times and locations for all age groups.

Goalkeeper Training 2016/2017

Registration for Goalkeeper Training for both members and non-club members

Super Y 2017

U23 Men's Training

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Registration,

For more information, visit the Black Watch North website at



Welcome to Black Watch Soccer

The mission at Black Watch Premier Soccer Club is to create a soccer environment that offers professional coaching to develop players' technique and understanding of the game; committed members, both players and parents; talented youth soccer players and a regional/ national standard at which to compete. Through this mission, Black Watch will raise the standard of expectations for our youth players and staff, on and off the field. Black Watch Soccer will foster and develop our players into well-rounded, youth athletes that will have the opportunity to compete at a higher level.


Our Software now allows for upload of player photos.  PLEASE, when registering your child, be sure to upload a current digital image and crop it appropriately so the head shows (like a passport photo).


Fees Include:

  • All Coaching Fees (Director of Programming, Directors of Coaching, Coaching Staff, )
  • All Indoor & Outdoor Facility Training Time
  • All Registration (USYS,US Club Soccer, Super Y League)
  • Goalkeeper”s Training
  • Super Y League Fees (U14 Boys and above)
  • All Administrative & Management Fees

Uniforms are NOT included for any of the boys or girls programs.


** Late payments may lead to player suspension from competition and training.
Fee's do not include referee, league, tournament fee's – see team account. All outside SYL participants will be charged $850 for the program.

*Special payment schedules will be considered with a contracted payment schedule. Please contact the Administration prior to payment due dates.